Temporary Recruitment Payroll Software


Cloud based simple fast temporary payroll software that takes timesheet information and calculates payroll that has been recognised and tested by HMRC . Working out holiday pay in line with the Working Time Regulations, Pension Auto Enrolment, offering postponement options, automatic Jobholder assessment, enrolment, emailed notice submission and links to Well Plan, Peoples, Now and NEST pension providers. Automatic emailing of payslips, in PDF, P45's, P60's.

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Our unique selling point

Our unique selling point is that all legislative changes to the payroll at year end and other times are done for you and as soon as the 5th April comes the new constants and thresholds are in place ready to use behind the scenes making your year end a whole lot easier and stress free!

Read about our payroll features >

  • PrimePAY gives you the flexibility to run multiple payrolls for weekly, fortnightly, four weekly and monthly payroll cycles covering internal staff and temp staff with different logins.
  • PrimePAY gives you options to run dummy payrolls prior to going live and warns of any potential errors allowing the user to fix them before going live.
  • All statutory payments are handled such as SMP, SSP, SAP & SPP saving you time and ensuring accuracy.
  • BACS files are created for all online banking systems or direct submitter BACS software.