Hospitality recruitment agency software. Manage your staffing agency more efficiently a modern recruitment CRM

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How We Can Help

  • Hospitality - Ideal for silver service, hospitality events, hotel staff, waiting staff and housekeeping.
  • Booking templates - Booking templates with shift start and end times pre-set for repeat use saving consultant input time.
  • Bulk text messaging - Send bulk SMS text job invites. Replies auto updates their availability with booking confirmations being sent to the selected staff.
  • Weekly plan - Our weekly plan gives consultants a visual representation where they are with their bookings with fast and easy rebook process.
  • Compliance - Only compliant candidates with the right skills are recommended. Those that have the best client feedback rise to the top, whilst removing unsuitable staff that have been blocked.
  • Availability searches and Google maps© - Availability searches and Google maps© integration helps you choose the most appropriate staff.
  • Overtime - PrimePRO can handle complex overtime rates to automate timesheet processing cutting down admin time each week prior to payroll.
  • Portals - Coupled with the online timesheet portal clients can adjust and approval timesheets saving more time.
  • Perfectly placed for your hospitality and catering agency.