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Scheduling workers onto bookings and managing confirmations should be a straight forward task. With PrimePRO recruitment software suitable candidates who are compliant, have the right skills and are available are instantly recommended for the booking to bulk send job invitations via text message in one click. Text replies with 'yes' or 'no' automatically update their availability in real-time on the system for you to simply choose who you wish to confirm. Making the process of handling large numbers of bookings very fast!

All bookings are displayed on a colour coded weekly plan where you can instantly see where you are with your bookings. Including the ability to easily and quickly book-back entire shifts or individual candidates with a few clicks. The traffic light colours used signify red as unfilled, amber as job invites sent and green as filled/confirmed. Along with other quick and easy features on the plan allow you to instantly replace a candidate on a shift or cancel a shift where an automated SMS text message is sent informing them of the cancellation to avoid them turning up to no work!

Temp agency recruitment software has to get this right to speed up your consultants so that they can fill more bookings and spend more time selling and servicing your existing clients.

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