PrimePRO true cloud based recruitment CRM software designed for any size recruitment agency from a single user to thousands all served via a simple web page log in from any device, anywhere.

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Aimed at supplying temporary staffing agencies with the best recruitment software.

Automate SMS PrimePRO simplifies the process of filling bookings through automated SMS text messaging managed via the weekly plan. PrimePRO's recruitment CRM helps manage consultant's time with important reminders and key performance information. read more about bookings.

Automate Timesheet Generation With integrated time interpretation, a powerful time saving feature that automates timesheet generation and applying the correct rates to those hours. Drastically cutting the timesheet admin process, prior to payroll, giving agencies a real time saving of typically 1-3 days per week! Read more about timesheets.

Automate Rates Rate Triggers are set against jobs within each client, giving the software the intelligence to know what rate amount to apply and when.

  • Timesheet approval Timesheets can be approved by the consultant or client online, giving agencies a fast and effective method ready for invoice and payroll calculation. Read more about portals.
  • Invoices Invoices are produced once the week has been finalised and automatically emailed out as well as being available for download from the client portal. Read more about invoices.
  • Payroll Files PAYE payroll files, umbrella payroll files and limited company contractor self-bill invoices are available to use.
  • AWR AWR clock counters track workers and apply rate changes keeping you compliant.
  • Compliance Agencies can set General compliance (such as rights to work) as well as job specific compliance, to prevent placing non-compliant candidates onto work. Read more about compliance.

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The candidate portal will help by providing the terms the workers agree to on how their data will be used and at any time they can very simply opt-out or have the right to be forgotten. Where all their documents and data (subject to overriding HMRC or security clearance requirements for holding certain data for a period of time) will be removed from public domain as soon as the request has been submitted.

Xero, Sage and other accounting software

CSV files can be exported to Sage sales ledger saving on double input and maintaining accuracy.

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