Candidate Portal

For online registration and acceptance of GDPR terms.

Screenshot of a phone with our recruitment software portal

Candidate Portal

Candidate registration online has been around for some time now. However, when it's integrated into your recruitment CRM software the time savings are huge for your recruiters. The full record can be inputted by the candidate, saving your recruiter's having to re-key the information.

With PrimePRO on-boarding a candidate is a very simple process. Candidates get sent a link via email where they register online creating a username and password. Before they can input any details, they must accept your agency's GDPR policy, providing you with yet another time saver and keeping you compliant!

On-boarding process

Candidates candidates can then fill out your application form containing questions and compliance that is fully configurable to your agency's needs.

The registration page is fully mobile responsive making the process more flexible for the candidate to use their mobile device.

For temp agencies who register large quantities of temps every week this is a number one time saver for your temp agency software to handle!

Client Portal

For your clients to edit and approve timesheets and download their invoices.


Timesheet approval

How can online timesheets truly deliver the automation it promises?

Clients can go paperless by simply logging in and editing/approving their timesheets for that week. Giving your agency a professional workflow and keeping you relevant in the modern recruitment market.

Once approved your timesheets are ready for payroll and billing.

Saving many hours of admin time each week, whilst raising the bar with your competitors by offering simpler and a better way to do business and being far more accurate reducing errors on payroll and invoicing.