Temporary Recruitment Payroll Software

Accurate & Fast!

PrimePAY's HMRC recognised cloud recruitment payroll software supports different payrolls for internal staff and external workers, covering weekly and monthly payroll cycles.

PrimePAY can work alongside PrimePRO offering a complete 'cloud based' end-to-end solution from one provider or operate standalone linking from third party CRM systems.

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  • Timesheets and worker records are imported from PrimePRO cutting down double input and errors.
  • Once imported payroll can be calculated in one go for all branches or by the branches of your choosing giving you the flexibility to run the payroll as you wish.
  • Exception reporting warns of any overpayments or other issues to help prevent errors and corrections.
  • Doing as many trial runs as you like allows you to be absolutely certain of accuracy before pushing payroll to 'live'.

Other agency specific features include:

  • Holiday pay in line with Working Time Regulations,
  • Pension auto-enrolment - postponement options,
  • Automatic notice submission by email saving time
  • Links to all of the main providers such as NOW, NEST, Peoples Pension and Well Plan.