PrimePRO gives you the tools to manage a compliant workforce more effectively

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Candidate compliance is critical in all sectors of recruitment, managing a compliant workforce can be a very challenging task.

  • Multi-layer compliance - Our multi-layer compliance suite manages both rights to work and job-based compliance
  • Compliance checker - Our compliance checker manages compliance through automated email notifications and portal access for candidates to self-serve. Ensuring your workforce is compliant.
  • Access compliance documentation - Have full access to compliance documentation that can be downloaded anywhere, anytime.
  • Legal notices - Candidate online registrations have to accept your legal notices such as GDPR, contracts and policies. With full audit logs to show what and when they were accepted keeps you fully covered and paperless.
  • Dashboard alerts - Our intuitive dashboard alerts of looming compliance failures and reports to prevent booking cancellations by keeping ahead of the game.