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What we offer is a simple, clean and very fast cloud based recruitment CRM and payroll software for temporary staffing agencies.

The very latest cloud based software that's fast performing and perfect for volume bookings. PrimePRO and PrimePAY can operate standalone as either a front office recruitment software and CRM or back office recruitment payroll. Combined Prime and Pay offers temporary recruitment agencies a powerful seamless end-to-end recruitment software solution.

Built For Your Success!

The recruitment market has been crying out for new technology and we are here to change that!

Since our inception in 2017 our aim is to deliver a modern recruitment platform from start-ups to medium sized recruitment companies and equip them with fantastic tech that will help them compete with the big boys.

Our R&D spending has already reached £2m and it doesn't stop there!

We plan to keep investing by listening to our customers to give you the very best software for your business.

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See what our customers say

I love how easy it is to run the payroll for all my temps, using PrimePAY is so much less complicated and I can't believe how quickly its all done! But for me it's all about support and they are first class, every time I call I get through immediately no more waiting hours or days for answers!

Jo Woodrow-Hill, UK Vine Care Limited

As a start-up healthcare agency, I was looking for cost-effective recruitment software to make my life easier handling the shift rotas, timesheets and payroll for my care workers. PrimePRO has delivered in everyway! A huge thank you to Adrian and his team and I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Charlotte Pendergast, Vital Healthcare

Recruitment software has to be quick and easy to use especially for high volume industrial and driving temps and our consultants are filling bookings in less time so much so that we have halved our staffing to run our large industrial onsite operation in Northampton. By freeing up their time our consultants can focus on selling, servicing our clients and winning more business. PrimePRO gets 5 stars from me!!

Graham Ward, Managing Director, Alliance Personnel Limited

We supply over 5,000 temps a week to the agricultural sector operating over 14 locations nationwide under GLAA license. We have been looking for cloud based recruitment software powerful enough to manage over 30,000 temporary staff with 75 users. PrimePRO has delivered and given us the flexibility to operate more affectively.

Carl Steele, Managing Director, CDS Labour

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